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July 2006
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Joint Writing
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Joan and I are fairly new members of the Nantwich Writers' Group and the others have suggested people may be interested in the fact that we write some of our work together. They think it is unusual and ask how we set about it.

As sisters we seem to be on the same wavelength and have no difficulty following each other's thoughts and ideas. We have written several very short stories for children, three of which have been accepted by D C Thomson. We are working on a crime novel at present.

It is difficult to explain exactly how we work together. We try to set one day a week aside for this purpose and sit at the computer and throw ideas around. Gradually the story builds up.

At the end of each session we edit what we've written and then put down some ideas on how the story will continue so we have a starting point for the next week. Throughout the week we each jot down any ideas we have and talk through these when we meet up. We don't use them all, some are discarded completely, others may be stored away to use later or perhaps for the next story.

We always seem to manage to find something we can write about to move the story forward. Perhaps there is some truth in the old saying 'two heads are better than one'.

The July Writing Magazine featured a profile of a mother and young daughter partnership,writing under the name of Zizou Corder. They have written three Lionboy stories for children. Other names that spring to mind are the mother and daughter team who write thrillers as P J Tracey and husband and wife team Nicci French. If only we could be so successful. Perhaps one day.........

I am working on a romantic novel aimed at Mills and Boon's medical series. Joan is also writing a romance and we discuss our individual work with each other, proof read and make suggestions (when asked).

Hope this helps!

Posted by Nantwich Writers' Group on 12:19 pm   
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